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Laboratory / Blood Bank

Lab Orders/Registration

Physicians will document requested Laboratory tests for Outpatients on a Laboratory/Pathology requisition. This requisition should have all patient demographics, insurance, subscriber, collection information, diagnosis, selected tests and physician signature areas completed prior to being sent to the Laboratory. Provide mail and fax information on physicians being requested to receive copies of results.

When arriving at the hospital, the outpatient should arrive first in Patient Registration on the Ground floor. The patient is required to have picture identification and current insurance information, which includes subscriber information. Once registration is completed in this area, the outpatient will be directed down the hallway to the Laboratory Outpatient Phlebotomy area. Patients will be taken care of on a first come first serve basis. After specimen collection, the patient will be given directions to additional departments, further collection instructions and/or information on the resulting process.

Patient Testing, Results and Reports

Most Laboratory testing is processed throughout the day as it is received.

Routine testing not performed within the Laboratory is forwarded to contracted reference Laboratories for completion. Results are available via the computer system upon file verification or hardcopy report. Hardcopy reports are forwarded to the physician offices on a daily basis, via the computer system, routine mail, or hand delivered to designated physician "mail boxes" in house. For more information, call 978-249-1172.

Scheduling Laboratory Tests

No appointment is necessary. Routine outpatient testing/specimen collection is normally completed on a walk in basis.