Social Media

Social Media Policy for Heywood Healthcare

The healthcare industry, like many other industries, has embraced the use of Internet Sites, Social Media and Blogs. Social Media sites and Blogs facilitate communication, education, collaboration with others, research, business travel, remote work, etc. Heywood Healthcare (Heywood) embraces the new opportunities for engagement available for those in our community through the interaction of visitors to our Social Media sites and is dedicated to providing a platform for online information and conversations. For the purposes of this policy, Social Media is defined as an on-line social structure made up of individuals or organizations that are tied by one or more specific types of inter-dependency, such as values, visions, ideas, financial exchange, friendship, business operations, professional exchange, etc. Social Media includes, but is not limited to, sites such as Facebook, Linked-In, MySpace, YouTube, and Twitter. The Internet provides a wide array of resources, services, and interconnectivity to the Heywood Healthcare community.

You may download and read the entire policy here: Heywood Healthcare Social Media Policy