Pulmonary Rehab

The Pulmonary program at Athol Hospital is one of the most comprehensive skilled programs in Central and Western Massachusetts. Led by a team of qualified respiratory therapists, the program is staffed by Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certified registered nurses and is overseen by pulmonary physicians. Physician and Hospitalist coverage is also available 24/7. We employ a multi-disciplinary approach that includes physical and occupational therapies, nutrition counseling, social services and nurse case management.

Rounding out our program, we provide our patients with services such as chest tube management and clinical tracheotomy care management. To aide in rehabilitation, the Center provides education on disease, medication and quality of life improvement.  Nutritional intervention and personally-focused support help provide improved cognitive function and reduce anxiety and shortness of breath for patients. In addition, we also have onsite smoking cessation support. 

Download our Pulmonary Rehab Brochure.

Individualized Treatment Plans

- Exercise Conditioning
- Upper and lower extremity strength
- Respiratory muscle strength
- Education and care plan for post-discharge

- Breathing techniques
- Bronchial hygiene
- Pulmonary medications
- Relaxation techniques
- Energy conservation
- Exercise plan
- Pulmonary anatomy and physiology

Oxygen and Ventilation Therapy

- Evaluate, titrate/wean and make changes based on need
- High and Low Flow supplemental oxygen provided  using various delivery methods
-Assisted ventilation equipment includes Bi-level, CPAP and ventilators

Additional Program Components
- Blood pressure monitoring
- Heart rate monitoring
- Oxygen monitoring
- Six-minute walk test
-Incentive spirometery
-Chest tube management
-Clinical tracheotomy care management,  including changes
- Education provided on disease, medication, improving quality of life
-Increased independence with ADLs
- Nutritional Intervention
- Psycho-social Support
-Improved cognitive function
- Reduced anxiety and shortness of breath
- Smoking Cessation support
- PEP Therapy using various Acapella devices (Positive Expiratory Pressure)

You Have a Choice
When you need additional care after a hospitalization, you can decide where to be treated. To learn more about the program, please contact the Nursing Case Management Department at (978) 249-1270 or Cardiopulmonary Services at (978) 249-1317.