March 11, 2020

Patient and Visitor Notice:

Heywood Healthcare staff are working hard to ensure the highest degree of patient and employee safety.  To date, Heywood Healthcare has had NO patients confirmed or presumptive with COVID-19. As such, we are taking measures to promptly identify and isolate any potential exposure.

Effective immediately, the following measures are in place: 

Entrance Control 

  • Heywood Hospital: Entrance to the building is restricted to the Main, South, and Emergency Department 
  • Athol Hospital  : Entrance restricted to Main and Emergency Entrance

Visitation Restrictions 

  • One healthy visitor will be permitted for OB Delivery patients  and patients on Comfort Measures Only. Other extenuating circumstances will be at the discretion of the nursing supervisor or administrator.  
  • One healthy person may escort a patient to the Emergency Department


  • Closed for Public Use

Life Center

  • All classes have been cancelled

Vendor Restrictions

  • All vendors are restricted. Alternate arrangements have been made based on necessity 

Thank you for your cooperation, as we work together to keep our community healthy.