Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be one of the best independent critical access hospitals in America.

Our Mission

To be our communities' trusted choice for exceptional patient-centered care.

Our Values = Quality

Quality - We relentlessly pursue clinical quality, patient safety and service through evidence-based medicine and best practices

Utilization - We carefully steward our human, organizational, material and financial resources.

Awareness - We are responsive to our patients' and communities' evolving health needs

Learning - We are an organization that fosters a thirst for new knowledge, skills and ideas

Innovation - We continually evolve and implement cutting edge practices, services, technologies and programs to create optimal outcomes.

Teamwork: We recognize delivery of exceptional patient care requires collaboration among providers, patients, families and community partners

Yesterday: We celebrate our rich history and use its lessons as a springboard to propel us toward peak performance everyday in service to our patients, communities, staff and physicians.